The Lady of The Glen***

Simply Stunning Scottish Historical Romance

Our feisty and brash heroine, Elayne, starts off the book in a most dramatic way, trying to get her clan’s priest to declare the new wife of the man Elayne hoped to wed a witch! She soon realizes the errors of her ways, and both she and her father, the laird of their clan, agree that perhaps she needs some time away.

Opportunity comes by way of Declan, newly returned from serving The Bruce and the new laird of his clan, aptly name the Beast Clan by its neighbors. Having seen other clans while with The Bruce, Declan is determined to civilize his own. And that means he needs a wife, as the civilizing influence of women has been long lacking in his male-dominated stronghold. He saw Elayne in a village as he was returning from war and was immediately drawn to her strong, commanding presence…this could be the woman to help him!

Declan is a sweet swoonworthy hero; how can you help but love a hero who fully supports his future ladylove on the first night they meet in the face of his rather ornery clan? And Elayne…oh, my gosh! What can I say about her? She’s a spitfire all right, with strong ideas of the way things should be… but she is also caring and vulnerable… Both the hero and heroine have past scars (and in a way they mirror each other), and they remain vulnerable even after they marry. There are some very sweet little “awwwww” moments. Some scars take a while to heal…

They act as a team from Day One, and it is fun to see the way they truly listen and support each other. Elayne likes to jump in and defend herself… even getting physical with some who act against her. Declan not only lets her lead in these matters, but he also backs her up fully and adds his own response. I adore brave but vulnerable couple.

They need to be a team, as there are greater plots against them… both close to home and tied to the history of Scotland at the time. But I’ll let you discover that yourself.

If you like Scottish romance, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you like ANY historical romance, you will most likely enjoy this book as well.