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My name is Jamie, and I adore books!

I am a voracious reader from a family of readers; the first thing you notice when you walk in my house is the overflowing bookshelves in every room. I started reading romance Young Adult titles when those started becoming a thing back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In the late 1980s, I graduated to Harlequins, Silhouettes, and light romance of that type. Back in the day, I even tried to write those formulaic house-style romances but only ever received rejections. (Flash forward to now, and I am dusting off those old manuscripts to publish one day on Amazon.) These days, I am a fan of historical romance (with a preference for Regency, medieval, and Scottish) and fantasy/paranormal romance, from quick reads to sagas, from clean & wholesome to steamy. My Kindle lives in my pocket when I am out of the house, and I read whenever I have the tiniest bit of time during the day…even during breaks as a night-shift nurse.

By the way, I adore my Kindle! I wish it was invented back before I started reading. I would not have to pack and unpack so many boxes when moving if that had been the case!

During nursing school, I treated myself to a Kindle reader which came with a free month trial of Kindle Unlimited. Wow, the two in combination really opened up my reading world. I love that I can carry a library in my pocket and have access to over a million books as a part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I make it a personal goal to get at least triple my money’s worth! As I read one or two books a day, I am able to surpass that goal.

I can’t remember who told me about the treasure trove of free books available at Amazon, buried deep within the website (and sometimes changing locations)…but bless ’em! No matter your book tastes, you would most likely be able to read a free book a day if you so desired! My personal digital library has doubled in size in the last year thanks to free books at Amazon!

That discovery led me to find other deeply buried pages at Amazon listing best selling books, new books, book deals, and more!

I decided to create this website to help other readers like me more easily access all these cool lists of free, bargain, new, bestselling, or upcoming romance books at Amazon. It takes several in-the-know clicks to even reach a single page of these books. Romance titles aren’t just found in the Romance section of the Top 100 Best Sellers. Some romance categories are buried as subcategories of larger categories, like Literary Fiction or Fantasy. Other seemingly non-romance categories contain more than 50% romance.

On this site, every romance category and subcategory from these lists is accessible with just a click of a button off the main pages on the website. (Click on Home in the main menu bar to see all the current button pages; more to come! The red stripe at the top also lists each main page.) You don’t have to go spelunking through the convoluted category tree at Amazon to find all these different types of romance books. I did that to make this site, and it took DAYS! Enjoy the easy access to hundreds of dollars worth of free books as well as bargains, bestsellers, and new books! (I emphasize FREE because that is a favorite!)

By the way, I’m not just the website creator…I’m also a customer! When I make my roundup posts of a spotlighted subgenre (see the More Romance blog), I usually find at least one book I want to download myself!

I am also an author, with four published cookbooks. Check out my Author Central page at Amazon.

Happy reading!

Jamie BJ

Full Monetary Disclosure

I am an Amazon affiliate, and many links on this site link directly to Amazon (like the blue words referencing Kindle in a paragraph above and the ads off to the right). I make a few pennies per book at no additional cost to you. Other links, like to Dreamhost and Elegant Themes–the former hosts this site and the latter provided the theme–are also affiliate links of products and services that I recommend. These small earnings help defray the cost of this website and pay me for the time I spend. 

Jamie Brydone-Jack

Romance and nonfiction beta reader, cookbook writer, proofreader, copy editor, nurse, pianist, harpist, cook, baker, knitter…