His Clandestine Bride*

Overcoming Complicated Pasts

In this second chance at romance medieval story, Isobel is confronted by her past when Edmund, returned from the Crusades and now one of the king’s men, shows up in search of an enemy of the king. Six years ago, Isobel and Edmund had a brief but passionate affair that that resulted in a clandestine marriage where they made vows to each other without witnesses. (I guess you could do that back then!) When she told her parents about the marriage, they locked her in a tower until she agreed to marry another man who would form a political alliance with her father. Edmund tries to get to her, but her parents do not allow it through devious means. So, she believes that he did not come for her even though sent out a message about her plight through what she thought was a trusted servant, and he has always believed she turned her back on him.

In the present day, he figures out that her child is their son; she had tried to keep the boy a secret. Edmund is determined to have his heir in his life, and he figures the only way to do so is to marry Isobel again in a public ceremony. Wounds have festered since they were separated. Will they forgive each other? Can they get over their other wounds that occurred in the past but still hold them back? Will Edmund find the man he’s looking for and gain the additional wealth and prestige the king and promised?

The author did an excellent job portraying the complicated web of thoughts and emotions this couple needed to untangle in order to build a future. She did a good job as well at showing Edmund learning how to become a father. Edmund was not natural with his son at first, which makes complete sense given his history, but he wanted to do better and be a good father. I thought his unsureness was very realistic.

The book had some of the common issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage, and there were even a few small errors in diction. But I found interweaving of the story to be done so well that I wasn’t overly distracted by these errors.

If you enjoy second chance at romance stories with a historical twist, you might enjoy his tale of a couple who have much pain in their past, caused by others as well as each other, strive to find love a second time around.