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The Books Linked To On This Site are Free!

  • Some books listed on this site have been made permanently free by their authors. I have a Permanently Free Books link page on this site for these books. These books may or may not be best sellers. However, I figure the more free books–the better.
  • Other books are free for a limited time. Amazon offers authors in its Kindle Direct Publishing Select program 5 days of free book promotion every 3 months the book as a part of the program. Some authors choose to make their book free only for a day or two.
  • When I post a book as free in the More Free Romance blog posts, it is indeed free on Amazon. Depending on time zones, it may not be free by the time you see the post. I will also ONLY post a book review and/or an author interview on a day when her or his book is free.
  • However, if you read older blog posts, reviews, or interviews, the book may not be free at that time. These posts will fall off the blogroll eventually. There is no need to contact me to tell that a book is no longer free. I expect you to understand that many books are free on a time-limited basis. Unless you are keeping up on all posts here at all times (which I don’t expect), you will see books on here that are no longer free. Just ignore the book if all you are interested in is free books. Of course, the authors wouldn’t mind you checking out their books even if they aren’t free! Some will be free to you if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription through Amazon.

If you enjoy free books, you might consider joining Kindle Unlimited

  • With a monthly subscription, over a million books are available to you for no additional cost.
  • You can have up to 10 books in your Kindle Unlimited library at a time, swapping out for new books as you finish the older ones. Read as many as you can! I get my money’s worth every month!
  • You don’t need a Kindle reader to access these titles (though Kindles are awesome); you can download apps for your computer, tablet, or phone. Oh, and the Author does get a slice of the monies spent on Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, so it is a win-win for all concerned.


Full Monetary Disclosure

I am an Amazon affiliate, and many links on this site link directly to Amazon (like the blue words in the paragraph above). How could I possibly make money from free books? I do not make any money from free books, of course, but if you surf to other products on Amazon after you download your free book, I will get a small amount of money for those (at no extra cost to you than what you are paying for the item already). Many links in the Just for Authors blog are also affiliate links to places other than Amazon for a lot of the products and websites that I recommend. These small earnings help defray the cost of this website and pay me for the time I spend.