The Dragon's Air Witch*

Can They Find a Cure for the Creeping Rot?

The search continues to put an end to the Creeping Rot once and for all. To this end, Meridas and Janus have outfitted a ship to go to an allegedly demonic and cursed planet called Zamorka. Janus has seen the death of both his birth parents and his adoptive parents from this terrible, magical-being-killing disease. He joins forces with Meridas, and they take the life witch the two air witches, who can control the air stream for the ship while they travel on this expedition. The man-dragons believe a cure exists, but it is only available by going to Zamorka.

Will the crew even get to Zamorka? Is Zamorka as dangerous as legend says? Will they find the cure they seek? What about the attraction between wealthy Janus and the air witch Evelyn? Will the expedition have any impact upon the fate of the Six Isles?

The author has created a fascinating and complex world with this series about the Six Isles. The Isles are distinct, but the magic beings on board each cannot escape the Creeping Rot when it cyclically flares and runs rampant. I’ve read two books in the series now, and each book adds a layer to help better understand the history, present, and the future these worlds.

If you enjoy complex paranormal science fiction with a hint of romance and a world-saving quest, you might enjoy this book.