The Claddagh Trilogy*

A Fun Collection of Interwoven Irish Romance

What a fun collection of interwoven stories just in time for St Patrick’s Day! Characters introduced in one book become a couple in the next, and we also get to see what happens to the previous couple(s) as well.

The Irish Affair starts with the heroine, Amelia, in dire straits. She had hoped to surprise her online boyfriend in Ireland, but she is the one who is shocked when his wife answers the door! Nursing her wounds at a bar later, Amelia meets Rory Maguire, a man who is a country music star in Ireland. She doesn’t recognize him. He enjoys having someone react to him as just a person and not a superstar.

In the second book, Irish Love, we move from Ireland to Los Angeles and then on to Vegas. This story focuses on Siobhan, Rory’s sister, who is visiting him at his new place in America. He wants her there when he proposes to Amelia during a concert. This is Siobhan’s story, though, and her brother has warned her against his touring manager, Ben. So, of course, they meet, and romantic sparks fly. What happens when a nice Irish country girl meets up with a guy who isn’t known for going to bed alone often?

The final book of the set, Irish Heart, stars the bad girl who convinced Siobhan to go to Vegas on her first night in America. Will the wild girl be tamed? Can she find true love? You’ll just have to read it and see!

This set has some problems with grammar, punctuation, and usage, but the books were so fun that the mistakes did not detract from the enjoyment of reading.

If you enjoy light, funny contemporary romance with a little bit of Irish flair and music star panache, you might enjoy this delightful collection of three books.

I received a free advance copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.