Perception Boxed Set*

Triumph and Tragedy in Coming-of-Age Romance

This box set contains three separate interlinked novels. In fact, the first two combine to make one bigger novel. The first two books are a coming-of-age romance of wannabe rockstar Noah and Emily, the younger sister of his friend Jacob’s girlfriend Lola. These books touch on quite a few themes that could be unsettling for some readers. Several heartbreaking events occur, both on large and small scales, but I don’t want to give away too much detail because, if you choose to read these books, you’ll appreciate the reading experience more for having read it yourself. The second book involves a romance for Noah’s friend mentioned above, who usually is quite the player.

I’m glad the author is offering these in a boxset because the first two really should be read together one right after the other. While the first book could be seen as complete in itself, the ending would be unsatisfying; it does make you wonder what happens next for Noah. The second book has a shocking twist I didn’t see coming; it was very well done by the author.

The book did have the common issues with grammar, punctuation, and spelling, including incorrect possessives and misspellings/wrong words like dints for dents, opposing versus opposite, and allude for exude.

If you enjoy coming of age romances that have triumph and tragedy, you might enjoy this boxset.

I did receive a free advance copy, but this did not affect my review.