Love Done Write*

Writer and Biggest Fan Get Together

Harrison Winslow is a staid university professor by day, divorced and with post-divorce relationship troubles, who writes erotic novels under a pseudonym to protect his and his university’s reputation. Sydney is probably his biggest fan, a young hairdresser who sneaks off to read his weekly postings as soon as they hit his website and is always the first to comment on them. They flirt a little bit publicly, but then in an inebriated haze, she mistakenly sends him her true and steamy reaction to his story via email. Then things start to heat up between them. After playing a little bit of cat and mouse while trying to decide whether to get together more than digitally, they meet up and hook up.

Harrison, though he is far older than Sydney, has had fewer partners than she has. They both do a little teaching and learning here. This book contains a lot of steamy scenes, both one-sided and as a couple. Although the author didn’t let us know early on, it turns out that Sydney writes as well, and that leads to a very interesting end of the book. I liked the clever use of texts and emails as well as more standard dialogue and narrative sections.

This book had minor issues with punctuation. Namely, commas were often forgotten between two independent clauses in a complex sentence. But it wasn’t overly distracting.

If you like erotic May/ December romances, this book may be for you.