Kingdom Cold*

Sassy Teen Princess Delights in YA Fantasy Romance

Oh, my gosh! I love Princess Charlotte! She’s a sassy teenage princess who is NOT pleased that her parents have betrothed her boring Prince Young to form an alliance. She attempts a hunger strike (oh, but for the hot-out-of-the-oven bread) and she shoots an arrow at the prince’s carriage when he arrives. She find Prince Young’s older brother far more interesting than her betrothed.

Everything changes on the day of the wedding but not in the way you’d think! The wedding is cancelled because the bad guys attack beyond the castle…and then they breach it; the king may be dead and Prince Dreamy (not his name) is captured. Oh, my! There are many twists and turns; the author was able to keep the suspense up for the duration. Prince Charlotte matures.

I have to warn you … there is no HEA, so if that is crucial to you, you will want to skip this delightfully written book. The ending is wistful and sweet but no HEA.

The author is very skilled at writing with humor (not easy), and she creates mini-hooks at the end of each chapter. The one that pulls you from two to  three had me laughing out loud. She alternates viewpoints by chapter, and each character has a very distinct voice and viewpoint. The bratty, snarky Princess Charlotte is a delight, and Prince Young has hidden depths of character.  The others…you will have to read and see!

If you’re a fan of well-written YA fantasy romance or just looking for a good read, this book may very well fill the bill.