Bursting Out*

Real Estate and Personal Mysteries in Manhattan

This contemporary romance had ongoing humor and an air of mystery which surrounded both the hero and the heroine that kept me turning the pages. The heroine, Adele, is a sassy up-and-coming real estate agent. Mr. Zelig was referred to her by a mutual friend. Mr. Z is very particular about what he is looking for in a property. He is so demanding that Adele nearly drops him as a client. They’re both intrigued by each other, but each is wary of pursuing any relationship beyond realtor-client. Will this stand? And what are their mysteries? What will Adele think when she finally learned his identity?

The book has some of the standard issues with punctuation, grammar, and usage, but it did not overly detract from the story.

If you are looking for a contemporary romance with good humor, a broody hero, and a little bit of mystery, this book might be for you.