A Compromised Compromise*

Strong, Funny Start … Fizzled in the Last Half

When I started reading this book, I found it witty, lightly written, and with insight into the conflicting emotions of both Darcy and Elizabeth. Darcy’s adamant refusal to disbelieve Elizabeth and Mrs. Bennet purposefully set up the compromise carried on through half the book, though–really–it was utterly ridiculous for him to think such a thing. However, it was fun to watch him torture himself (and sometimes others) about this.

The plot train went off the rails after Elizabeth asks Darcy the night before their wedding about whether he would choose her…if he was free to.

********** SPOILERS ***********

His answer sets of a nonsensical plot line. She sets off with a little money and not much of a plan. Mr. Bennet and Colonel Fitzwilliam don’t appear to care that Elizabeth has left–no one seems to be really concerned about her safety. Really? A lone woman…who knows where…on her own…in Regency England? Stretches credibility too far.

Various mostly boring things happen until ODC are reunited at the end. Mr. Bennet refuses his consent, and D&E are off to Gretna Green. The book ends abruptly when Georgiana finds them on the road to Scotland, wanting to participate in the wedding.

****** END SPOILERS *******

This book started off so strong with witty Elizabeth and stubborn Darcy that it had the potential to be one of the better JAFF variations. Its resolution, however, made little sense, lacked suspense & conflict, and ended abruptly.